4 Forgotten Factors For Getting Stronger

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Once again I apologize for my infrequency of blogging. I know I’ve got a message, and I know a handful of you read it but I’ve just been so busy with the opening of my new Personal Training Studio in Parsippany and my new squeeze (well relatively new…about 6 months actually) that it ends up on a long list of priorities and I don’t always have a muse when I sit in front of the computer. Anyways a lots been going on and I do have a lot to talk about but today someone else will be doing the talking as today is a guest post.

As you know I have a very different way of doing things than many out there within the fitness industry so when someone comes along that wants to write for my blog I usually turn them down. However I do give there writing a look to see if it’s congruent with what I want to talk about. So this guy Justin has a blog called Alpha Body Blog and asks me to put up a guest post and sends a link to his writing style. I’m already thinking that I’m going to have to shoot him down but low and behold…someone I agree with. It’s refreshing really. Anyways I also wrote for him which you can check out but here’s his post.


Tales from being a strongman (ignore the naysayers)

So as you may or may not know I enjoy hanging out with some friends at a bar on Friday nights in a town not far from where my Personal Training Studio is. I have a few beers, sing a few karaoke tunes and just have a good time when doing it. In this bar the ones that I talk to know that I’m a strongman and some have even donated to my St. Jude fundraiser that I do for my birthday knowing that I bend steel to help raise money for sick kids.

Well not that long ago (and I won’t go heavily into details with this) I was out at the bar saying my hello’s to the karaoke dj and I bumped into someone I hadn’t seen in a pretty long time. Probably about a 7 years if I were to guess and we decided to catch up. He was visibly drunk slurring his speech and that sort of thing and things hadn’t gone very well for him which I was a bit bummed to hear. Long story short, alcohol had ruined some things in his life.

Now when I gave my story I told him about me being a strongman and showed him my strongman promo video to which he had a different reaction to what I was expecting.

So before even watching the entire thing, he asks me if I can bend a bottle cap backwards to which I reply “I’ve never done it but I probably could.” (the Man of Steel Sonny Barry who also learned from Greg, bends them with one hand) and goes and gets some from the bar. Shows me how to position my hands and I proceed to bend it the way he wanted me to, even switching my grip to finish it with 2 fingers. He goes and tells me I can’t bend a bottle cap (I just did) and that me rolling frying pans is bull shit and they are rubber and what have you and that I’m a fake (everything I do is legit, and I have people come up during my official performances to verify every feat I do) and even tries throwing the bottle caps in my buddies beer….trying to ruin a beer??? that’s the last straw.

So I pull him in closer so that people can’t hear what I’m going to say to attempt to minimize his embarrassment and I tell him “Dude, you’re acting like an asshole, knock it the fuck off”. To which he replies “I don’t care, I don’t give a shit” (He’d give a shit if the ‘fake’ strongman started slapping him around…my patience has limits while my strength does not… but I’m trying to prevent this from escalating) at this point the opening of my song comes on for karaoke and I get up to sing it and he walks out of the bar.

Now let’s look at this for a moment because there is a lesson or two in here for you.

When I was studying with Greg he said to me that strength stuff hits men at a very primal level and can damage egos and make people dislike you because of it. An example he used was when his assistant in his railing business severely disliked strongman Chris Schoecke.

Chris is the star of this documentary which I CANNOT WAIT to see.

And he disliked Chris because Chris isn’t a very big guy…but is a very strong guy (the steel that this guy bends is astounding). Now I’ve seen Chris perform and talked to him (nice guy btw) and know he’s about my size but bends some really crazy steel bars.

When I saw Chris bend that steel bar, and I talked to Greg I thought to myself “Well Greg taught him to do that, and he’s my size so if Greg taught him and he can teach me, then maybe with effort on my part I could do it also.” I was in awe of Chris’ talents (and to some extent I still am) and not threatened by him. That’s the better way of looking at it rather then trying to claim it’s bullshit because you can’t do it. There’s more of a lesson in here as well.

Obviously life wasn’t going so well for the one I bumped into in the bar. Not for nothing but currently my life is not too shabby and is in the process of getting even better which seemed to bother him. There’s going to be people like that in your own life whether you are trying to build a business or trying to take charge of your health. Instead of being happy for you and supporting you in whatever you do, they will try and hold you back and prevent you from living to your potential and chasing what makes you happy. It’s a shame really because I wonder how much potential was ruined because of it.

Watch for those people in your life…and if what you are doing sounds crazy (like bending steel with your nose) but it’s something you want to do, then go for it and don’t let anything stop you and don’t let anybody tell you any differently because there will be naysayers. There will ALWAYS be naysayers.

Arnold could never be an actor because his accent is too thick and his last name too hard to pronounce (btw I just looked up and saw my copy of Terminator 2 on BluRay) Yes that was what they told him…now whenever I hear the unpronounceable name “Schwarzenegger” in movie promos I get giddy.

Arnold’s approach when someone tells him that it’s never been done before is “Oh good I get to be the first then” then works his ass off till he gets what he wants…like a real life terminator.

As for my buddy, he came back in the bar and tried to kiss the bartender then shook my hand and left (I made sure he wasn’t driving). The bartender is a heterosexual male and was none too thrilled about it. Yup, my buddy was “that guy” True story.


Association of Old-time Barbell and Strongman Dinner 2013

Recently it had come full circle for me as a strongman. I was honored by being asked to perform with the man that showed me the road of the strongman, to honor the man who taught me how to be a strongman. Let me take a couple steps back in case you are new to my blog and give you a brief history of how I came to be a strongman. Even though I claim I started training in it January of 2012 for strongmanism like the Iron Tamer David Whitley said…every decision I made throughout life led me to where I am now. Can’t really argue with that but the path wasn’t clear to me until the Association of Oldtime Barbell and Strongman dinner.

4 Years ago I walked into the AOBS dinner as a new fan that had no idea what I was in for as a guest. I met Slim and knew he was someone to be respected but I didn’t really know who he was or the things he had done. I learned about his epicness after I met him.

Slim gave me some wisdom. He said, and I remember it clear as day…just like you remember anything that’s life changing.

“Son, within you is a power equal to every single person in this room, even me.”

As I left the dinner, after watching Sonny Barry bend steel with his nose and watching Mike Bruce get steel bent across his throat, I was floored by everything I saw. Dennis Rogers bends a wrench and gives it to me as a “pen holder”.

Dave says to me…”What’d you think?”

I think I need to get stronger…and I buy a bunch of DVD’s…but what I really needed was a coach.


Purple Stride Pancreatic Cancer Fundraiser

This coming Sunday from 8am to 11am I may have the most important strongman performance of my career. Not important because I am paying tribute to a history of strongmanism or anything like that and not because I am getting paid (I’m doing it at a loss actually) or because I am gaining a lot of exposure.

On Sunday November 10th I am performing at Purple Stride. It is a fundraiser meant help raise funds for the pancreatic cancer action network. Here is a startling fact.

Pancreatic cancer has the highest mortality rate of all major cancers. 94% of pancreatic cancer patients will die within five years of diagnosis – only 6% will survive more than five years. 74% of patients die within the first year of diagnosis.

That’s why this performance is so important. It gives me an opportunity to demonstrate the power of the human spirit. It is my hope that if I show people that the human spirit is stronger than steel, they will understand that it can be stronger than cancer. If just one person sees it, and it inspires them to fight to survive and they do, then maybe, just maybe it will inspire others as well.

Though I plan on being very entertaining and sharing what I do with a lot of people, it’s the message behind the might that is most important.

It’s what started my re-bar to ribbons project (where I take lengths of re-bar, bend it with my strength, trim it down, paint it up and give it to someone or their family to be the symbol of strength that they need to get through the battles ahead of them). The human spirit is strong if you believe it is strong.

Here’s the schedule as it will be.

Date: Sunday, November 10, 2013

Event Schedule:

Registration Opens: 8:00 a.m.
Opening Ceremonies: 9:00 a.m.
Run/Walk Begin: 9:30 a.m.
Closing Ceremonies: 10:30 a.m.


Mack Cali Business Campus
4 Campus Drive
Parsippany, NJ 07054

This place will know the power of the human spirit by the time I am done with it. It is stronger than steel, it is stronger than cancer. It is the strongest of them all.

Power, strength and health to you.
Eric Moss
“The Last Son of Krypton” The final student of NJ’s Superman the late and great Greg Matonick


Motivational Speaker The 1 Legged Tap Dancer, and The Strongman

I’ve been getting booked a lot lately, almost more than I can handle and that’s a great thing! I had set the goal this year of going from an up and coming strongman to an active professional and I’ve done that and then some. Judging from what I’ve seen of people’s reactions to the show they really enjoy themselves and are blown away by what they’ve seen.

I’ve been doing a lot of work with sports psychologist and motivational speaker Dr. Robert Gilbert on success and the mindset needed to achieve it. Being up there is very cool not just in the fact that I get to show what it is that I do to more and more people, but it also gives me a chance to learn how he motivates people.

btw I would recommend calling his success hotline. 973 743 4690. He leaves a motivational message on there everyday for the last 20 something years. Need motivation? Call him, need more? Watch me bend stuff 🙂

Last night’s show was a unique one indeed though.

I shared the stage with a talented tap dancer who happens to have only one leg.

Talk about seeing something unique!

There was also a really tall guy with an even taller powerful story which he shared.

Anyways long story short, the combination of all of us teaming together sure left the jaws on the floor. I get a special thrill from doing that. Hopefully my late mentor is watching what I’ve been doing lately because he would enjoy it.


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