4 Forgotten Factors For Getting Stronger

Hey everybody

Once again I apologize for my infrequency of blogging. I know I’ve got a message, and I know a handful of you read it but I’ve just been so busy with the opening of my new Personal Training Studio in Parsippany and my new squeeze (well relatively new…about 6 months actually) that it ends up on a long list of priorities and I don’t always have a muse when I sit in front of the computer. Anyways a lots been going on and I do have a lot to talk about but today someone else will be doing the talking as today is a guest post.

As you know I have a very different way of doing things than many out there within the fitness industry so when someone comes along that wants to write for my blog I usually turn them down. However I do give there writing a look to see if it’s congruent with what I want to talk about. So this guy Justin has a blog called Alpha Body Blog and asks me to put up a guest post and sends a link to his writing style. I’m already thinking that I’m going to have to shoot him down but low and behold…someone I agree with. It’s refreshing really. Anyways I also wrote for him which you can check out but here’s his post.

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