Motivational Speaker The 1 Legged Tap Dancer, and The Strongman

I’ve been getting booked a lot lately, almost more than I can handle and that’s a great thing! I had set the goal this year of going from an up and coming strongman to an active professional and I’ve done that and then some. Judging from what I’ve seen of people’s reactions to the show they really enjoy themselves and are blown away by what they’ve seen.

I’ve been doing a lot of work with sports psychologist and motivational speaker Dr. Robert Gilbert on success and the mindset needed to achieve it. Being up there is very cool not just in the fact that I get to show what it is that I do to more and more people, but it also gives me a chance to learn how he motivates people.

btw I would recommend calling his success hotline. 973 743 4690. He leaves a motivational message on there everyday for the last 20 something years. Need motivation? Call him, need more? Watch me bend stuff 🙂

Last night’s show was a unique one indeed though.

I shared the stage with a talented tap dancer who happens to have only one leg.

Talk about seeing something unique!

There was also a really tall guy with an even taller powerful story which he shared.

Anyways long story short, the combination of all of us teaming together sure left the jaws on the floor. I get a special thrill from doing that. Hopefully my late mentor is watching what I’ve been doing lately because he would enjoy it.

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